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ProTraktor Scratch Duo 2 Upgrade To Pro

Aug 05, 2015 In this video we explain how to record a mix using TRAKTOR's Mix Recorder. Dev c++ compiler free download. Jump to a Chapter: 0:55 // 1. Native Instruments Traktor Pro 3 DJ Software - Should I Upgrade From Traktor Pro 2.

  1. I'm a user of a TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO, when I was browsing NI website I saw a recommendation to purchase a PRO 3 Update (not full version), so I did. Now I'm not able to update my software, there is no update file on Native Access (added serial nr PRO3 update). Maybe the recommendation was wrong because I also had a demo PRO2 installed.
  2. Installing TRAKTOR PRO or TRAKTOR DUO If you are still using the original version of TRAKTOR PRO or TRAKTOR DUO and there is no download available in your User Account, you can download the full installer (last version 1.2.7) directly from one of the below links.
  3. Aug 02, 2016  FYI: the Certified Upgrade Kit is the same price as Traktor Pro 2 (non scratch). All versions of Traktor are identified by the serial number. When you purchased Traktor Pro 2 it will install as the non-scratch version regardless of the version you previously had.

Traktor Scratch Duo 2 Upgrade To Pro 3

So, a few guys over in the NI forums found a way to d/l 2.1.3.
1. Go to www.native-instruments.com/en/login/
2. Enter your login credentials
3. Under 'My Orders and Products,' click on 'My products and serials'
4. D/l 2.1.3 by clicking on the 'Download' button next to the serial number associated with your Traktor 2 license. (In my case, it is the download link for Traktor Pro 2.)
5. enjoy!
According to the 2.1.3 readme, there aren't many new features in 2.1.3. Well, except for one biggie:
Free upgrade from TRAKTOR (SCRATCH) DUO 2 to
A nice surprise for all Duo users. Discuss!

Traktor Pro 2

Hello fellow DJs,
I recently made the switch from Serato to Traktor
but I am having a difficult time upgrading from Pro to Scratch. Even though I have the full product and it has been registered and activated, I get an error message stating 'You have tried to activate an update or upgrade, but your User Account does not contain the full product license that this upgrade is based on'. I contacted Native Instruments 4 business days ago and still no answer.
Could someone please shed some light on this issue? Thanks