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Aug 23, 2016  traktor pro como sincronizar una musica con una pista y mezclarla en vivo en trartor - Duration: 12:03. Gabariel marquez 21,032 views. Jan 17, 2019 For virtual Dj enthusiasts, I have a video about virtual Dj. My thoughts on why Serato DJ and Rekordbox work best for club use and why you can't use virtual DJ 15 and DJay Pro 2 as your main. DJ Software; Traktor Pro; Traktor Pro. Traktor Pro 2 2.6.7. Been using Virtual DJ regular and pro versions for years but THIS is what you grow to. I got this to go with Hercules DJ Console. TRAKTOR DJ 2 was built for iPad and desktop, which means however you like to get down, you can spin your tracks with the full version of the app. TRAKTOR DJ 2 for iOS is available on the App Store, and you can get the desktop version via our site. GET ON DESKTOP GET ON iPAD.

Aug 15, 2014 Serato vs Traktor vs Virtual DJ. When you decide that you want to DJ with turntables (or CD players), but you also want to be able to take advantage of the new technological developments, a DVS.

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  • Hello, I have one question: What DJ software should I purchase? I’ve been looking at Virtual DJ 8 and Traktor Pro 2. I’m just a kid, so I don’t have a ton of money too. But the software that I choose determines what controller I need. Is there any major differences between the two softwares. I can’t find a good comparison of the two.


    I think it comes down to how you want to use the software. I chose Traktor because I used it in the past and felt comfortable with it. However, that one gig I played in Slovakia they had me use VDJ and it came quite easily for me since DJing is like riding a bike with these setups.

    I will say with VDJ, you’ll have a bigger selection of “ready” controllers over Traktor, as you’ll have to find mappings or make mappings to use with Traktor, or stick to NI hardware.

    I found this page on the VDJ site trying to explain how they stand out. They claim that Traktor has become more about integrating DJing with live musicianship, while Serato is more focused on turntable-loving DJs, thus painting VDJ as a title more suited for DJs who mainly want to play sets. I don’t know if I agree with their assessment, as you can go in many directions with all the big titles.

    Best advice is to download some demos and try them out.

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    I’m sure many here will say “meh” on Gemini, but I still think they’re fine for beginners. I usually believe the first gear you buy is what you learn on, then when you feel you need more, you sell/”graduate” into higher end. For me it was two belt-driven Technics 100 turntables and a 10″ Gemini Mixer.

    Check out Phil’s review of that Gemini unit here: Nexus vst free download crack.

    And maybe get his controller buyer guide (signing up to his email list) and do the research. Hopefully others might chime in on the good/bad and even suggest other possibilities.

Virtual Dj Vs Traktor Pro 2 Software

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