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This is a series of brief surveys intended for readers new to thé format study of language. Each book contains four parts : survey, an up-to-date overview of the area concerned ; readings, short readings with study questions ; References, a selection of annotated references glossary, explanations of terms, cross referenced to the Survey This structure is designed to allow different groups of readers to focus on different parts of the book according to their interest and need. Applied linguistics addresses the most pressing and controversial areas of contemporary language use, including intercultural communication, political and commercial persuasion, the impact of new technologies, the growth of English, language in education, and foreign language teaching and learning. This clearty written introduction provides a concise but comprehensive overview of the main concerns of applied linguistics today.

Guy W. D. Cook (born 10 October 1951) is an applied linguist. He is currently[when?] Professor of Language in Education at King's College London in the UK and is also Chair of The British Association for Applied Linguistics for the period 2009-2012.[1][2] He teaches and writes about English language teaching, literary stylistics, discourse analysis, advertising, and the language of food politics.[3]

  1. Download and Read Free Online Applied Linguistics (Oxford Introduction to Language Study Series) Guy Cook From reader reviews: Kelly Thompson: Book is to be different for every grade.
  2. Guy Cook Applied Linguistics 2003 - Free download as Word Doc (.doc /.docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Used for Applied Lingiustics study. It hels to define language and its usage in real life. How language changes during time and its purpose.

May 04, 2014  Guy Cook is Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Reading. He has worked as an EFL teacher in Egypt, Italy, the UK, and Russia, as a lecturer at the University of Leeds, and as head of TESOL at the London University Institute of Education. Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

He is known for three strands of research:

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  • on language teaching, where he has argued for a return to the use of translation and bilingual methods, and for a move away from what he considers to be dull functional approaches[citation needed]
  • on language play and creativity, not only in literature and genres such as advertising, but as a phenomenon which permeates language use, bringing with it educational, social, and cognitive benefits[citation needed]
  • on the language of food politics, in particular genetically modified (GM) and organic food, where he has shown how the campaign for GM crops and food is in his belief unscientific, driven by partisan interests, and characterised by bullying tactics, irrational arguments, and emotive language.[citation needed]


Cook is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, where he read English. He holds a master's degree and a Ph.D. from the University of London. He worked initially as a language teacher in the UK, Egypt, Italy, and the Soviet Union, before beginning his academic career in 1985. He was a lecturer at the University of Leeds 1985-1991, head of Modern Languages and TESOL at the London University Institute of Education 1991-1998, Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Reading 1998-2004, and Professor of Language and Education at The Open University 2005-2012. He was co-editor of the journal Applied Linguistics from 2004-2009.[citation needed]


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