Aug 01, 2019 Fine Tuning Auto Focus on D750 and Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 G2 Lens. Auto fine tune works fairly well for me as long as the target is at a reasonable distance and the. Dec 15, 2017 2. Next, use Live View and and focus on your target. Press and hold the AF-mode and movie-record buttons at the same time. This prompts a screen that asks if you would like to proceed and things are sharp. The next screen shows you the saved value. You can fine tune many different lenses, and these values are all stored for future use.

Have you ever used a nice big aperture and got home only to find out the focus isn’t on the part you wanted? Or done a portrait and their ears are nice and sharp not their eyes?

Auto Af Fine Tune D750

If so, you might have a lens focusing issue. There are ways to test for that and depending on your camera model you may be able to adjust it.

Fine Tune Uniform

I found a video where the host walks you through the process of fine tuning autofocus for your DSLR. I think her accent is great and I love knowing that people around the world have the same issues and there are great photographers and educators everywhere.

Thanks for all that. Fstream.h in dev c++.

Auto Af Fine Tune D7500

Auto Af Fine Tune D750

Fine Tune Music Player

Hopefully that solved your issues and everything is tack sharp now, exactly where you want it.