Please use this Setting File in this page when you use DDJ-T1 as a controller for 'TRAKTOR PRO 2' supported by Native Instruments. By using this file, the “TRAKTOR PRO 2” sample decks can be controlled with this unit. This Setting File is required when Native Instruments TRAKTOR PRO 2 Ver.2.6.0 is used with DDJ-T1.

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  • [SIZE=21px]DDJ-T1 compatible with Traktor Pro 2 software?[/SIZE]

    Is the Pioneer DDJ-T1 compatible with Traktor 2 software? I recently owned an S4 which I used with the Traktor 2 software but I sold it, however I will be playing at a friends party on NYE and we will be using his DDJ-T1.

    I understand this has it’s own software, but will it work on Traktor 2, the same software I have been using for my S4? If so, how do I go about getting it set up with that software? Obviously I’ll need to install the correct drivers for it, but how do I enable it to work on Traktor 2 software, do I go into preferences or what? Step by step instructions will be needed I’m afraid lol.

    One more thing, If I remember correctly, the last time I used my friends DDJ-T1, the controller nor the software it came with didn’t offer some of the same features that the s4 and Traktor 2 software did and that was SYNC and Auto Gain. So I’m wondering if the controller is compatible with Traktor 2 software, will these features be available as with the s4.

    Sorry for all the questions, quite a bit of text there but NYE isn’t far away and I need all in the info I can get. I’m guessing if you haven’t used or tried using the controller with the software then you’ll not be able to answer this question, because I haven’t really been able to find the answers else where. Cheers!

    Making a controller work with any software isn’t jsut abour drivers, it’s also about mapping : mapping is creating links between hardware and software, so as you press play the hardware says “hey software I pressed play” and the hardware reply “ok hardware I press paly”.

    The DDJ T1 Is a fully mappable controller, which means you can assign every button or knob to any fonction in the software, So it will work with traktor pro, you can map it yourself (very not easy), or simply download a file which contains all the assignements for traktor pro 2, this is a “.TSI” file. You can download it directly from the pioneer website, then you just have to follow the instructions. Don’t be afraid that”s very simple !

    But make sure you have traktor pro 2 on your computer.

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    No it won’t : when you press a button on your controller it send a midi note for example CC01, the tsi file read it and says to the software “press sync” for example. If your friend as a different tsi file on his computer this same button will still send the same note, but i will do something else in the software.

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    You can also use the same computer with the same software with 2 different tsi files : the tsi file contains your mapping and all your preferences !

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