hey guys,

Feb 29, 2012  Configure GSL-1.8 with Dev-C in windows. To download gsl-1.8 you can use this link. The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is a numerical library for C and C programmers. It is free software under the GNU General Public License. Jul 13, 2011  It’s exactly the same code like in your “Your First Allegro 5 Program” tutorial, except that I added all these things “#include. Undefined reference to `dyntlsinitcallback’. The way Dev C handles libraries and how Allegro 5 is divided into modules instead of just having one library. I added every single library to the. Ver had this problem.I have tried re-installing Dev-Cpp and MinGW but nothing seems to work. I:gwlibcrt2.o(.text+0x8) In function `mingwCRTStartup'Linker error undefined reference to `dyntlsinitcallback' Linker error undef. Q&A for Work. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Apr 07, 2020  installing dev c on windows 7 Hi, Iam a student who started learning c, and I installed dev c on windows 7. But when i create the 'hellow world' console application, it dznt work but give me the following errors.

i have some work to do in C on a windows platform, windows 7 actually.

now i've look into the suggested IDE compiler combo you guys suggested and i've pickup Dev c++

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i just type a test program, just to see how the compiler works

now i get errors like:

Dyn Tls V2

linker error undefined reference to `_dyn_tls_init_callback`
linker error undefined reference to `_cpu_features_init`

this as nothing to do with the code, is it because i'm on win7 ?
should i try another IDE or i'll get the same error ?

what would be nice is to be able to work in vim, i already use vim to code java. now that's a combo question, if someone have a quick vim setup for C, that can compile directly in cmd mode

but, just a quick hand on the 1st part of this thread would be nice, so i can get this thing going.

thx guys


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Dev-C++ is a bad idea (at least, the one from Bloodshed is). /antares-auto-tune-81-cracked-vst3-full-download.html.

Read this, pick something better.

What's this it says halfway down the page? [B]Be careful doing this, though, as having two versions of MinGW might trigger linker errors ('undefined reference to __cpu_features_init'). [/B] That sounds …

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I don't know anything about Dev c++, but it seems like:
1) You are building the wrong type of project
2) The installation is not correct.