Thread: Where can i get graphics.h? Thread Tools. I have Borland 5.5, but i can't hook it up to DEV. This war, like the next war, is a war to end war. Mar 28, 2013  You may be wondering how to add graphics.h in dev C. Dev C does not support BGI Graphics we have to include graphics library manually. Here are few steps you must follow before using graphics.h header file.

Dev c format code. By clicking 'Tools' - 'FormatCode'.('AnyStyler). Download this.Format Source Code within Dev-CThe following instructions allow you to format source code files in Dev-C using FormatCode command line tool.Add a Tool Menu that will invoke FormatCode.Click 'Tools' - 'Configure Tools.' .Click the 'Add' button to add a new tool.Assuming you installed FormatCode in C:Program FilesFormatCode, fill in the form as show below:Title: FormatCodeProgram: C:Program FilesFormatCodeFormatCode.exeWorking Directory: C:Program FilesFormatCodeParameters: 'SOURCENAME'.Click 'OK' button to save settings.You may now invoke FormatCode command line tool:.

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C++ programming language is a versatile programming language. Using C++ you can create low end graphics too i.e. creating basic shapes and words with stylish fonts and adding colors to them can be done using c++.

Graphic programming can be done in c++ using your terminal or command prompt or you can download DevC++ compiler to create graphic programs.

For terminal you need to add the graphics.h libraray to you GCC compiler. For this you will have type in the following commands.

On sequentially typing all the above commands you can successfully install the graphics.h library in your GCC compiler of terminal.

for or the other method you need to install the DevC++ compiler.

graphics.h library − The graphic.h library is used to add graphics to your C++ program. For graphic programming, it is a must include library as it contains all required methods.


Syntax for including graphics in c++ program &ninus;



Program to show implementation of graphic programming in c++ −

How To Include Graphics.h In Dev C++ Geeksforgeeks


How To Get Graphics.h In Dev C Download

Other Common functions of of C++ graphic programming are −

  • arc() − creates arc of a given angle and given radius.

  • bar() − creates a bar with given coordinates.

  • circle() − creates a circle of given radius.

  • closegraph() − it closed the graphics mode and deallocated memory chunks.

  • ellipse() − creates an ellipse with given major and minor axis.

  • floodfill() − flood fill is used to fill a specific color to a specific point whose coordinates are given.

  • line() − creates a line of given starting and ending points.

  • rectangle() − creates a rectangle with given coordinates.