Apr 11, 2016  What’s new in Traktor Pro 2.10.2 The latest version of Traktor Pro 2.10.2 is a free update that offers a 4-track view of the Stem Decks in the main Traktor view. What you’ll see in Traktor is similar to the Stem Deck screens that were previously only available to owners of the Kontrol S8, D2 and S5. The Remix Deck is one of Traktor's most involved features, and one of the things that sets it apart from other digital DJing software. It's not very well understood, but despite its seemingly complex nature, it's actually an evolution of the Sample Decks that debuted with Traktor 2.

As Native Instruments’ portfolio of Traktor products has expanded, so has the confusion. Traktor LE, Pro, Duo, Scratch… it’s all a bit of a mess. So NI have taken this new landmark v2.5 to do a bit of spring cleaning in the product range. Common sense has prevailed, and the whole mixed up range has been rationalised. There’s now just a single version of Traktor. Rejoice.

First, the official words:

Native Instruments Announces TRAKTOR REMIXED


Comprehensive revision of TRAKTOR range introduces free updates, new price structure and special offers

Traktor Pro 2 Mac

Berlin, April 2nd, 2012 – Native Instruments today announced TRAKTOR REMIXED – a comprehensive revision of the TRAKTOR range to coincide with the imminent arrival of TRAKTOR PRO 2.5. Due for release on May 30th – the same day as the TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 add-on controller – TRAKTOR PRO 2.5 is the catalyst for many important changes in the TRAKTOR portfolio that aim to simplify the TRAKTOR product range for DJs.

Free updates for TRAKTOR PRO 2 and TRAKTOR DUO 2 users

All users of TRAKTOR PRO 2 and TRAKTOR DUO 2 will receive a free update to the latest PRO 2.5 software as soon as it is available. The updated software version introduces the innovative Remix DecksTM, which allow DJs to creatively remix and rearrange tracks before and during their actual performance. As of today, users of TRAKTOR DUO 2 and TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO 2 will receive a free upgrade to TRAKTOR PRO 2.

TRAKTOR PRO 2 software comes free with every TRAKTOR hardware

From today onwards, every TRAKTOR hardware item will automatically come with the latest full TRAKTOR PRO 2 version free of charge, which can then be comfortably updated to PRO 2.5 on its release. This applies to all TRAKTOR audio interfaces, controllers and scratch systems and is especially attractive to new customers. TRAKTOR PRO 2 previously retailed for $229/199 EUR and is now available with the TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 interface, for instance, for just $119/99 EUR.*

Special upgrade offer for old TRAKTOR versions

Users still running pre-PRO 2 versions of TRAKTOR software can upgrade to the latest version, thanks to a time-limited offer. Owners of software- only versions (TRAKTOR 1 to 3, TRAKTOR PRO and TRAKTOR DUO), as well as DJs using TRAKTOR SCRATCH, TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO or TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO, can update to the latest version for $44,50/39,50 EUR until April 30th 2012.

Changes to audio interfaces and scratch systems


Traktor Pro 2 Software

The audio interfaces TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 and TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 are now exclusively available with their respective digital vinyl systems. TRAKTOR SCRATCH A10 (renamed from TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2), features the 10-channel interface, and is now available at the new price of $559/449 EUR. Similarly, TRAKTOR SCRATCH A6 (previously called TRAKTOR SCRATCH DUO 2), contains the 6-channel TRAKTOR AUDIO 6 and can now be purchased for $339/229 EUR.**

New pricing for other products

This “remix” of the TRAKTOR range also means permanent new price points for a number of products. The TRAKTOR PRO 2 software can now be purchased at the NI Online Shop for $89/79 EUR (previously $229/199 EUR), while TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 now costs $559/499 EUR. Truco de gta san andreas auto tuning.

Further product information and press material

Additional information on TRAKTOR REMIXED is available at

So just to clarify a few things:

  • • Traktor Pro 2.5 comes in at the cheaper price of $89/€79
  • • Any Traktor branded hardware gets the full 4 deck version of Traktor Pro 2.5
  • • You’ll get a free upgrade if you own any version of Traktor Pro 2 or DUO 2
  • • You can upgrade from just about any pre-Pro 2 version for $44.50/€39.50 before 30th April.
  • • Audio 6 and Audio 10 are sold only with Traktor Scratch Pro.

And this is the newly rationalised Traktor product range:

Traktor Pro 2.5 – £65/$89/€79
Traktor Audio 2 – £84/$119/€99
Traktor Scratch A6 – £253/$339/€299
Traktor Scratch A10 – £423/$599/€499
Traktor Kontrol F1 – £211/$279/€249
Traktor Kontrol S2 – £423/$599/€499
Traktor Kontrol S4 £762/$999/€899

UPDATE 2: Euro prices for A6 and A10 corrected.

It’s worth mentioning as ever, for those who actually read the whole story, that these prices are recommended retail prices. The actual street price is likely to be cheaper.

At last, the mess of different versions is sorted into a single unified product with different hardware differentiating it. At this price point, it makes little sense for NI to even bother with LE or 2 deck versions anymore. While I don’t know this for a fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if future non-NI controllers didn’t come with the full Traktor Pro 2. And if they don’t, they really should NI.

UPDATE: One small caveat here that I need to clarify – Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro are still different versions it seems. So that’s two versions rather than one to rule them all.

Given the free upgrades, super cheap retro upgrade and price slashing, it would appear that NI are gagging for you to have the very latest version of Traktor installed. It makes sense really, given that NI are pinning a lot on the new remix deck method of working. And it makes development and importantly product support a whole lot easier too.

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I’m sure I speak for everyone when I make the following suggestion – go one step further and lose the service centre. The whole online method of validation is just annoying and frankly unhelpful. Need to reinstall but not online? Exactly.

Life just got a lot easier and cheaper for buyers. One version of software simplifies that decision, leaving hardware as the deciding factor. Happy? Inclined to make that purchase now? Let us know.