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Makefile win error in dev c++Error Error Dev C++

Weaknessforcats All this tells me is that the error is in main.c. Generated makefiles like this one don't fail because of errors in the makefile. That is, errors in your code are causing this. This also means that you are getting more errors than the one you reported.

Makefile Error 127

Whaaat?? 18mb?? This can't be! Basically all what I am loading is 2 small sprite grids with ~70 Kbs altogether. Maybe I am just loading them more than once resulting in that ..
So, I tried Orwel's Dev-C++ 5.4.2 and it compiled. However, when I come to run the exe, nothing opens. Tried using debugging mode, and some very weird stuff happened.
1-I placed breakpoints all over the 2 files (the main and the header file), but the debugger would ignore everything, and jumps into this line:
2-I clicked on 'next line', and the debugger moved normally to the next line:
3-I clicked on 'next line' once more expecting that the debugger would enter the main function, but then:
It jumped to the closing bracket of the function 'breakpoints invalid'..
4-Tried clicking 'next line' 3 more times, and I received a 'segmentation fault':
5-Clicking on ok with 'show CPU window' checked:
Thanks ne555, I appreciate your time and dedication =)