Mike’s Auto Repair & Maintenance deals in Collinsville, IL: $5 Off Oil Change. $10 Off Coolant Flush. $10 Off Auto A/C Recharge. $20 Off of Tires. $20 Off any Auto Repair Service over $100. $25 Gift Card Free with purchase of 4 tires. Coyote Tire Pros provides top-notch cost effective tune ups, as well as other auto repair services. What they do: Regular tune-ups can avoid future engine problems, while recognizing and replacing worn out parts. Keeping a normal tune-up timetable will help your automobile last much longer, maintain a higher gasoline mileage, and improve.

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Mike'sAUTO TECH Inc has been a AAA Top Shop
from 2001 thru 2007!

Does this sound like a pipe dream? Skilled, honest auto repairs by certified professionals who strive to earn your trust and who care as much about the neighborhood as you do?

Each year the auto club recognizes a small percentage of AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities for their 'business integrity, professional standards in automotive repair, outstanding customer service and community involvement.

Shops and garages that qualify as AAA Approved Auto Repair Top Shops are already part of an elite group. AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities – there are only 175 in Arizona -- meet more than twenty specific standards, including:

Mike's Auto Tech Glendale Tune Up Cost In Florida

  • Twelve month/12,000 mile warranty on repair work
  • A comprehensive array of automotive services within the shop's specialty
  • ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technicians for each area of service
  • Binding arbitration in the event of a repair dispute with a AAA member
  • An exemplary business and community reputation

Even in this rarefied company, 'Top Shops' stand out. It is not uncommon for 98-100% of the customers of a Top Shop to be totally satisfied with the shop's repairs and service. Top Shops typically exceed AAA's requirement for certified technicians – in some cases, all the shop's technicians are ASE certified. Top Shops must be involved in community service and charitable work. Lastly, they must promptly deal with customer complaints. (At least one Top Shop has had only one BBB complaint in fifteen years of doing business!)

Repair facilities in the AAA program have been certified by AAA to meet stringent quality standards in training, equipment and customer service. AAA members receive, on request, a free 24-point safety inspection with any paid repair, a minimum 12-month/12,000 mile warranty, guaranteed written estimates, return of replacement parts and AAA-mediated dispute resolution.

Mikes Auto Tech Glendale Tune Up Cost 2017

Mikes auto tech glendale tune up cost per

Mike's Auto Tech Glendale Tune Up Cost Schedule

Mike'sAUTO TECH Inc. is no longer associated with AAA but continues to subscribe to the principals and ethics that earned the 'Top Shop' awards.

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