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  2. Precision Auto-tune Services

“OPAL Marketing & Industry LLC” is the Master Franchisor of Precision Tune Auto Care (PTAC) for GCC countries (Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait & Qatar). We are the strategic partners of Precision Tune Auto Care, USA since 1995. We serve our clients with the highest degree of diligence; paying the utmost attention to quality care and customer service. Our goal is to fulfill our clients every need and to ensure that all our clients receives the very best.

PTAC centres drive their business on the core values of rendering services to customers who value Quality, Time and Price. We feel proud to mention that we have 20 years of experience of Market and Culture and are the biggest automotive service provider in Oman after car dealers. Presently it is being operated in Sultanate of Oman through company owned centers & sub Franchisee Centers. PTAC have 19 fully operational centres in Oman and rendering services to more than 10,000 cars per month.

  • About us – Overview “OPAL Marketing & Industry LLC” is the Master Franchisor of Precision Tune Auto Care (PTAC) for GCC countries (Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait & Qatar). We are the strategic partners of Precision Tune Auto Care, USA since 1995.
  • This service, like all services performed at Precision Tune Auto Care, is recommended based on manufacturer’s standards, or when needed as determined by our inspection and industry standards. Don’t put off brake service and repair. Brake Service and Repair.

PTAC centres offers automotive after sale services like Quick Oil Change, Service of Brake, Suspensions, Exhaust, Tires, Air Conditioning and complete Electrical checkup, Tune ups, Computer diagnostics and General repairs, Flushing services etc

Services Offered

Scheduled Maintenance Service: Engine oil and filter replacement; Standard Check point service.

Precision Auto Tune Services

Auto Air condition Service: A/C performance test; check system pressure; check condenser and radiator cooling fan operation; inspect all A/C components for wear, leaks and proper operation; evacuate and recharge system.

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Precision Auto Care is Yolo County’s #1 independent facility for service and repair of your Domestic, Asian and European automobiles. We are conveniently located at 274 W. Main Street near the Raley’s Shopping Center. We have over 75 years of combined experience and are recognized by The California State Automotive Association as experts in our field.

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Complete Cooling System Service: Check all hoses, belts; pressure test system; check heater, defroster and cooling fan operation; flush and recycle antifreeze; correct coolant mixture to a 50/50 mixture, check for leaks.

Engine Diagnostic Service: Fuel pressure test; code retrieval and vacuum testing.

Brake System (Front & Rear): Remove and replace pads or shoes; resurface rotors or drums; inspect brake line and components and test parking brake.

Precision Tune Services

Engine Tune Up: Replace plugs, fuel filter, minor adjustment and scope test if needed.

Transmission Flush: Hook up flush machine adding flushing cleaner to transmission; completely flush all transmission components; replace all transmission fluid; add transmission conditioner; check for leaks; inspect cable and all linkages.

Precision Auto-tune Services

Motor Value Added Services: Clean and de-carbon fuel injector, fuel rail, upper intake and intake valves and carbon in combustion chamber, Engine oil Flushing, Power steering flushing etc.