/ksfetch-google-little-snitch.html. Luckily, I have on my Mac. I've written about this profile before, but I'm sure it's time for a refresher.I create a 'No Google' and a 'Ok Google' profile in Little Snitch. The 'No Google' profile blocks all Google out-going and incoming connections for the Google apps. These are basically mirror opposites.

When it comes to sound FX, nothing can’t beat a good field recording mic + audio editing + sampler, or even faster : freesound.org + free VST sampler .

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Purple Rain Vst Free Download

Sep 22, 2019  This Metro Boomin Free Drum Kit kit is full of nothing but dope, high quality, industry sounds perfect for any genre! Download for free, a crazy collection of sounds used by one of the best producer ever and the man behind the hits “Big Rings” “Low Life” and “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. This free sound kit. Is perfect to make some dark “Metro boomin type beats!”. 3 Sounds FX Collections Producers will also Addicted and liking the versatility of this Pack when creating Tracks from Scratch. This Tuneswill Compliment for Trancethrough to ambient, Dubstep, Progressive, Electro House, Tech House,Goa, and many others!

For the selection to follow we have found some free VST/VSTi that are ultra-specialized (one trick pony sometimes) for very special task. More music, less talk :

1. CensorCUT : the Bleep generator VST by GrooveZing

Info and download : http://www.groovezing.com/en/plugins/censorcut.php

This one is a free VST effect : it lets the audio signal pass thru it but when you hit the “-18” button, it replaces the audio with a BEEP sinus sound @ 1KHz ! Censoring the sound like in TV shows. It also works with the MIDI keyboard. Beep volume is available from the parameters (but not the interface).

Here’s the demo mp3 from the website :

It can even encode your sound to make sound like a “crypted TV program” (with the same encryption sound used by the very first french pay TV channel in the mid 80’s)

Dec 13, 2017  StarMaker is the #1 singing video app with all the tools to help you sing like the star you are! Pick from hundreds of Billboard chart-topping hits, sing your heart out karaoke style, polish it up with real Auto-Tune™ and capture the magic on video! Real-time Auto-Tune™. Auto tune star app. Jul 24, 2018  AutoRap by smule is an auto tuning app that lets you to change the words you sing in the form of authentic rap due to its rapification technology. The app is based on auto tune technology and allows you to create high quality rap songs. Voloco: Auto Voice Tune Harmonizer and Karaoke Voloco is a real-time voice-processing app that combines automatic tuning, pitch-shifting, and vocoding.

2. Field ambience tool VST by Tweakbench

Field Ambience VST

download it here : http://www.tweakbench.com/field

This is a multi-sampled VST instrument, it contains sample of recorded ambience in different town / place, you can mix different ambience to create your own. The samples are very well looped. Perfect for that noisy background of a busy city, or crowded megalopole, or the ambience of a restaurant, a street, a rainy town, a school, your home, a store…

big city street

3. Sounds of Nature VST pack by Xoxos

Purple Rain Vst Free Download

download Sound of nature : http://www.xoxos.net/vst/vst.html#nature

Sounds of Nature is a pack of VSTi created by Xoxos, one the most talented and creative VST developer. These are pure synthesis instruments intended to recreate the sounds of nature :
thunder, rain, wind, insects, birds.
And don’t forget to check “Fauna” : this can (re) create the sounds of animals, from dogs / cats to dolphin, frogs, angry tyrannosaurus, strange creatures that don’t even exist, Loch Ness monster, pigs, kangooroo, humans…

here’s some insects :

Nexus Vst Free Download

4. Trash Operator Telephone VST by Trash80

Trash Operator VST

direct download => trash operator VST

This essential VSTi is a DTMF generator!
DTMF = dual tone multi frequency , the DTMF signaling is used in telephony.
Use the virtual telephone interface or your MIDI keyboard to generate the dual tone.

Call me

5. Radio FX VSTi

You can download this package : http://www.datafilehost.com/d/5d9a8c99

This VSTi lets you load wav file and browse from one to the other like a FM radio TUNER.
It introduces noise, for recreating the radio interferences.
And the most important : it has a BIG knob.