Oct 20, 2008  look at the computer specs you need to run the new traktor pro. Lower then serato and it has twice as much. Anyone with a new computer with 1 gig of ram and a intel core 2 duo could run traktor pro. Like i said im not jobbing ships ( yet )! I wish i could try traktor pro for a month or so.before i. Jan 25, 2011  Traktor Vs Ableton Vs Serato. By Chris Cartledge On Jan 25. Look at Scratch Live with an SL3 or Traktor Scratch Pro. With the opportunity to use effects, extensive MIDI control and powerful digital manipulation options, you’ll be able to do things that are impossible with vinyl – but for the times when only vinyl will do, you’re an. Oct 03, 2015  Comparativo entre Rekordbox DJ 4.0 Vs Traktor Scratch Pro 2.10.0 Vs Serato DJ 1.7.8. Teste utilizando 2 CDJ`s 2000 Nexus (Firmware 1.24) + 1 DJM 900 Nexus (Firmware 1.31) + Macbook Pro (i5 com 16.

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  • Hi, I am looking at either the traktor scratch a6 or the serato sl2. I like the simplicity of serato yet traktor is much cheaper and has many more features. I will be using them with some cdjs and then move onto turntables. I would also love some accessories with traktor such as a midi fighter but since serato is the industry standered I am wondering if traktor would really satisfy me.

    Are you already djing? If so, what software do you use? If your are thinking about getting started, I recommend starting with a decent controller, not jumping into DVS.

    There is a pretty solid alternative to consider if you want to go DVS but still have the option of playing CDs and USB music AND control Traktor or other software.

    The Denon SC3900 has a vinyl like rotating platter that (although somewhat smaller than a 12″ vinyl and according to those who used them) seems to behave awfully close to an SL1200 turntable. The good thing is that timecode is built-in, so you don’t have to use timecode CDs.

    Get the X1600 mixer with it (Traktor Scratch certified and fully midi) and you have a pretty neat setup you can use in just about any configuration.

    Just a thought.


    If I were you, I would probably go for Serato, as this is a great opportunity to learn a new software. Serato boxes
    (SL2/3/4) are pretty easy to re-sell if you end up not liking it. If you are looking to simply get a soundcard for DVS (and not to upgrade your cdjs/mixer in the near future), serato is probably a better choice since the GUI and layout are simpler and will allow you to focus more on the mixing/music, since you will not have gajillions of features to play with.

    Back like cooked crack download. +1 on the Denon gear idea. My gear list is in my sig, the x600 isn’t Traktor certified but works fine so I don’t need my Audio 8 anymore. The sc3900’s are a dream to use, no need for timecode cd’s and Denon have a Traktor mapping for them on their webby.
    But oh noes! Traktor has died mid set, oh well I’ll just use my mp3 cds that I brought with me just in case. Worth considering if you want a versatile set up with a couple options to keep playing if your laptop dies mid gig.

    My sentiments exactly. If I feel like going full force I’ll bring my laptop. Otherwise just bring my iPad and do wireless Engine. Un auto tuned toxic.


    I need a very small ethernet router with wireless on it before I can do that. Was looking at the LM007 but can’t find them for sale anywhere now.

    Probably a reason for that. I have to say that I got myself an Airport Express (latest model), not cheap but it works out just fine.


    Yeah, but the good part is they are easily configured from your iPad. If you buy something else, you’ll often need a laptop to do serious work on it. And a little (gigabit) switch, 5-ports is easily found and cheap.

    But yes, if you want all in one, you might want to consider the Extreme I think it is called.


Traktor Scratch Pro 2 Upgrade

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Traktor Scratch Pro 2 Vs Serato Dj Player

When it comes to choosing which DJ software to use, there are a lot of solid options. In this Head To Head feature we take two popular platforms – Serato DJ Pro and Traktor Pro 3 – and see how they stack up against each other.

I’m new to digital – what exactly are these apps?

Serato is a company that makes digital DJ software. Its first was called Serato Scratch Live and it was released in the mid-2000s. A lot has changed in digital DJing since then, and today Serato’s latest app is called Serato DJ Pro (and Serato DJ Lite for beginners). It can be used with turntables, DJ media players and controllers.

Serato Vs Traktor Pro

Traktor is Native Instruments’ laptop DJ software, and Traktor Pro 3 is the current version. It’s one of the first digital DJ apps, launching back in 2000. It’s gone through several iterations since then, most of which were in step with DJ controllers that Native Instruments put out including the Traktor Kontrol S4, the jogwheel-less Traktor Kontrol S8 and the new Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3 with Haptic Drive kinetic jogwheels.