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This macOS kernel exstension modifies macOS Sierra to recognize NVIDIA's web drivers as platform binaries. This resolves the issue with transparent windows without content, which appear for applications that use Metal and have Library Validation enabled. Common affected applications are iBooks and Little Snitch Network Monitor, though this patch is universal and fixes them all.

  1. Uninstall Little Snitch Mac

Oct 29, 2010  How To Remove/Uninstall KEXTs In Mac OSX KEXTs are Kernel Extensions, and I realised that a program that I installed in the past (SteerMouse) had left its KEXT behind even though I. May 28, 2012 This is the Steps to Uninstall the Little Snitch on your Mac. If you delete the Little Snitch from the Applications folder, the Little Snitch is still workin.

Users of macOS 10.13 High Sierra no longer need this patch, because the underlying issue that it tackled was solved. You can uninstall this extension before or after upgrading, it won't break things. 🎉

Mar 11, 2010  I have recently installed little snitch, later i prefer to uninstall that, because, whenever i open any application, immediately one notification window.


The latest release and installation instructions are available on the Releases Page.

All releases are unsigned and require kernel code signing to be disabled. Hackintoshs tend to have kernel code signing disabled by default. On Apple Macs, follow Apple's guide to using csrutil, but enter the command csrutil enable --without kext instead.

Installation (from source)

It is recommended that you install from the 'Releases' page like described in the previous section. Install from source only if you wish to make modifications to this driver.

This system is not really weighty also it can operate any sorts of PC and operating platform packed with operating as well as produce. /gert-hack-auto-tuning.html.

Install Xcode, then ./install.sh.

On success, you should see a message from 'NVWebDriverLibValFix' in the output of sudo dmesg and find 'com.apple.kext.mologie.NVWebDriverLibValFix' in the output of kextstat.

The patches take effect immediately, but you should log out and back in to make sure that all processes benefit from them.


sudo ./install.sh uninstall, which runs kextunload to unload the extension and deletes it from disk.

Bug Reports

This software comes with no support or implied warrenty. I welcome pull requests that fix bugs should you have found any. You may also submit pull requests for adding information to this readme file, or contact me privately via the email address on my GitHub profile.



Uninstall Little Snitch Mac

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