this is true, and you can try it for free, this method is the last working way to remove icloud id and turn off find my iphone from all activated device.

if you lost your icloud password and you stuck in icloud or apple id security question so this is your method to bypass this . we must apreciate all hard work from @idevicetool a friend of us. we work tougher to help people stuck on icloud . this is so simple , apple have bug in all ios since io7 to the last one 9.2. What kind of bug . its in reset settings , after make a reset all ios put fmi in sleep mode. So you can update any backup you want , so you only need backup with fmi off and without icloud id. the process is use itunes and restore .

full working method since doulci tool this is amazing news please support our work, we are working free, dont sell any tool , software , this is for FREE do not buy this. If you want support our team use the donation button.

Unsigned IPSW files are not supported. No tools in the market supports to restore unsigned IPSW files. Before updating or restoring iOS with IPSW, we highly recommend you backup your files beforehand because the data will be wiped out after restoring from IPSW files. You can use Apple's backup methods to backup to iPhone or iCloud. By downloading your favorite music track using 3utools you can set up it as the ringtone of your iPhone. Manage Videos - You can import videos from PC to iPhone, export videos from iPhone to PC and delete videos with 3uTools. Manage files - iPhone users can manage files easily with using 3uTools. Jailbreak using 3uTools.

just follow this tutorial to understand all steps to Delete iCloud Account from an iPhone ipad ipod .

please note :

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this will only work in activated devices, Activate iphone ipad or ipod means you can go into menu, icons .

Use 3utools To Backup IpaDownload

you need itunes

backup without icloud and fmi off

also this works with libimobiledevice

Use 3utools To Backup Ipa Free

Please follow this instructions Delete iCloud Account from an iPhone ipad ipod

Use 3utools To Backup Ipa Windows 7

also check the original information with adicional downloads if you need a backup to delete iCloud Account from an iPhone ipad ipod .