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When you run a server system in your organization, you might have business needs not met using default server settings. For example, you might need the lowest possible energy consumption, or the lowest possible latency, or the maximum possible throughput on your server. This guide provides a set of guidelines that you can use to tune the server settings in Windows Server 2016 and obtain incremental performance or energy efficiency gains, especially when the nature of the workload varies little over time.

It is important that your tuning changes consider the hardware, the workload, the power budgets, and the performance goals of your server. This guide describes each setting and its potential effect to help you make an informed decision about its relevance to your system, workload, performance, and energy usage goals.


Registry settings and tuning parameters changed significantly between versions of Windows Server. Be sure to use the latest tuning guidelines to avoid unexpected results.

In this guide

This guide organizes performance and tuning guidance for Windows Server 2016 across three tuning categories:

Server HardwareServer RoleServer Subsystem
Hardware performance considerationsActive Directory ServersCache and memory management
Hardware power considerationsFile ServersNetworking subsystem
Hyper-V ServersStorage Spaces Direct
Remote Desktop ServicesSoftware Defined Networking (SDN)
Web Servers
Windows Server Containers

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Changes in this version

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Sections added

  • Software Defined Networking, including HNV and SLB gateway configuration guidance

Videos De Autos Tuning 2016 Activation

Sections changed

  • Updates to Active Directory guidance section

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  • Updates to File Server guidance section

  • Updates to Web Server guidance section

  • Updates to Hardware Power guidance section

  • Updates to PowerShell tuning guidance section

  • Significant updates to the Hyper-V guidance section

  • Performance Tuning for Workloads removed, pointers to relevant resources added to Additional Tuning Resources article

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  • Removal of dedicated storage sections, in favor of new Storage Spaces Direct section and canonical Technet content

  • Removal of dedicated networking section, in favor of canonical Technet content