How to Restore the TRAKTOR Track Collection from a Backup This article explains how to retrieve a backup of your Track Collection in TRAKTOR (including all playlists). This is useful if you accidentally lost your collection data or overwrote the state of your collection and wish to return to its previous state. Recently released in TRAKTOR 2.11.1, track color coding can help you sort your music by adding colored highlights within your playlists. Remember your history. TRAKTOR saves all your past sets to dated playlist files, which you can access via the Archive section of the Explorer node.


As many of you may know, MixCloud is a great web based app that allows you to upload your DJ mixes to the internet so that you can show all your friends what an amazing DJ you are!

MixCloud offers you the chance to enter your track listing on your mix, not only does this give your followers a chance to see what great taste you have in music, it also offers them an option of purchasing that track should MixCloud recognize the name. To save you the hassle of typing it all out, there is a great feature of uploading your mix playlist right from Traktor. Here’s how:-

Export a Traktor Playlist

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Who To Locate Your Traktor Pro History Play List

From within Traktor, export your playlist by right clicking on the playlist you have created your mix from. (Watch this video to see how you can create a playlist)

Select a destination for the file, set the export format to an NML file and make sure that you uncheck the ‘Copy Tracks to Destination’.

Upload Traktor Playlist to MixCloud

Who To Locate Your Traktor Pro History Play List Online

Once you have saved the file, you can go to your MixCloud upload and in the edit settings for the mix select the ‘Traktor Playlist’ upload – locate your NML on the hard drive and upload it.

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Check over the playlist on MixCloud and make any necessary amendments and you’re done! If MixCloud recognizes any of the track names, your followers will have a chance to buy those tracks.

For a MixCloud account sign up here.